Day4: My first cluster & the stuff I had learned.

My first experience with a cluster.

As almost everything in my internship so far, setting up a new crate cluster was something I had never done before . I started by fallowing the instructions which are given on the Crate homepage and soon enough my first Node was (sort of …) working.

The hassle of installing something like 5 different add ons and programs the installation process is pretty straight forward.

After my first node was running healthy (indicated by the big green indicator in the Admin UI) I started testing the capabilities of my newly created instants. The first logic thing to do at such a point is to load a bit of sample data from twitter. For this reason i crated a twitter account.

The next task I solved was to add a second node to the cluster. This was a little bit trickier do to the fact, configuration for the cluster nowhere mentioned was. But the positive side to all of this is, I had to read a lot of documentation and in addition learned a lot about crate and its features.

to be continued…