Day5-10: Learnig, failing, trying and new opportunities.

6 days of work and Wiener Schnitzel.

But first up, a small look on Friday’s (15th of June) work:

After I set up my cluster with docker (this was just work for a few hours) I used my new learned knowledge to dig through the documentation on the Crate webpage and tried to find ways how the documentation could be improved. This will be discussed at a later point in time.

Now about week 2:

This week was heavily based on learning, failing, trying and new opportunities.

Butt it all begann with a cooking session with Elena and Julia for the whole team on Monday. We cooked a steck of Wiener Schnitzel and a big bowl of potato salat. It was so delicious! (photos are on Twitter)

Than the real week started with my crate cluster (3 nodes with docker) and my attempt to upgrade this cluster to 4 nodes. But I realised fast that this isn’t that easy because if you want to configure the correspondent parameters the cluster can’t run at the same time. But in the attempt to fix this problem I had to read a lot of documentation and this helped me at a later time.

Than it was time to use crate for a bunch of real life application. For this matter I downloaded the crate sample apps and attempted to get them to run with my 3 node docker cluster. But there were some real and some self made problems with this attempt.

  • The real one was: In order to get Country data I had to configure the cluster in a way in which he could find the corresponding file. This was a little bit tricky, but with help from Michael and a lot of time it worked in the end.
(Note: if you want to give a cluster more than one file to get and store data from the performance will drastically decrease)
  • The self made one: The first time I forgot to download and implement the country data. This caused a lot of head scratching and it cost a lot of time! :(

Now I am trying to create my own app. But this still will take a little time. [WIP] :)

On Wednesday a new opportunity opened up. We visited the graphic designer for crate to discuss the t-shirts for the big team trip to Barcelona in September. We discussed a bunch of design suggestions and then came up with the idea, it would be great if I would design the t-shirts for this trip. Now I am currently finished with one design but this is just a prototype and not something I would print on a t-shirt.

On Friday I committed my first Impediment to the current Sprint. It was just a small commit (changing documentation) but it was something which had to be done.