Day3: My first day “SCRUMming” around.

SCRUM & Sprint-Meating

The Wednesday was dedicated to Crates model of work, SCRUM. Every to weeks on Wednesday the whole team meets up and discusses a new workcycle (called sprint) and divides the work (called stories) among the different developer teams.

I started my day by researching a bit about SCRUM and it’s philosophy because I wanted to be prepared for the up coming hours.

Start of a planning day

Every Sprint ends with two things: + Sprint review + Retrospect

First up the whole team discussed in the sprint review the last two weeks of work and there dedicated stories. After a few hours of discussing all the Craties seperated into there dedicated groups and the retrospective started.

As I am part of the integrations team I participated in their retro process. We discussed personal pros an cons which happened in the last sprint as well as what went well and where improvements could happen. To improve the future work further we combined a few of the points into topics and discussed them.