Week4: A combination of development and travel preparation.

A new Perspective on the company:

The second part of this week was dominated by the preparation process for my upcoming week at the Berlin based office of Crate.

But first lets focus on the first few days:

The Monday in the forth week at Crate started as every “CrateOfficeMonday” starts, with team cooking. Do to the fact that Julia is away on holiday Elena and I cooked for the team Palatschinken with sweet and sour filling. But we miscalculated the amount of dow we needed (or miscalculated how hungry the team is ;) ) and ended up with less food then we needed.

Anyhow, Tuesday and Wednesday were packed with frontend development and my introduction to AWS (AmazonWebService). To be honest my dedication and enthusiasm was focused on the implementation of the front-end and not heavily on AWS and its service. I managed to get a few instances up and running but do to the fact that the documentation on the website is outdated my capabilities were limited.

But now to the big announcement which dominated the second part of week four. I accepted the offer to stay in Berlin not just for 2 days but for a week! So I had to dedicate Wednesday and Thursday were pretty much to planning, rebooking and arranging a place to sleep.

Now I am sitting hear in the Berlin office and regret nothing. This will hopefully be (with a little bit of luck and dedication) a pretty cool week.