Week3: Front- Backend development and my first completed Sprint.

Front- and Backend-Madness

Most of the week was dedicated to working, developing and the integration of a front and backend design of an app. To be specific the example app of Crate. But lets start at the beginning of the week.

As every Monday, this one was fantastic as it was again dedicated to team-cooking and as such a day fantastic in it self. I ate to many hot dogs and was afterwards nearly to full to work again :) .

Than it was time to start with one of the sample apps for Crate. I choose the python one as it was suggested by a few people do to the fact that python is quite easy to learn and in a lot of applications used. After a few hours of python tutorials and several self prepared code-challenges (e.g.. The Game Of Life) if felt confident enough to tackle the application code. After a small coding session where Joe showed me the most important parts of the code and a lot of try & error and a lot of internet research I finally managed to get my own version running. But it has still a few problems which need to be taken care of (WIP as always ;) ).

After this task was finished I switched from the back to the front of the application and the new programming languages I had to deal with were css, html and java script. But after a little bit of fiddling around it was quite satisfying to see the results of your actions in comparison to the quite abstract programming of the backend. I would say I am probably more of a fronted developer then a backend technician.

This week was especially hard as i had to work with a lot of new stuff. But this was also an opportunity as I had to read about a lot of related stuff and try a lot things.