Week5: My impression and work at the Berlin office.

Berlin night-, day- and work-life:

The workweek in Berlin is about to end and I am retrospecting about my work and what we did as a company together. I am not going into details but the last weekend was pretty interesting and late night based experience. But what I can say in this context, if you like to be social and want a company in which you can work hard and have fun at the same time Crate would be a pretty great option for you.

Anyhow, on Monday my week at Crate-Berlin started official and the first thing Paul did was to instruct me what my tasks for this week would be. The main task I got was to import, debug and prepare the 311 and yellow cab data of NYC for presentational purposes. This turned out to be partially easy but partially also pretty much not doable for my level of skill. I worked on this for the whole week but I have not finished do to the fact I left work earlier to venture true the city.

If you wanted to compare the two offices in Dornbirn and in Berlin (which I won’t do) you would realise they are really different. In my opinion you can compare them like you would compare the cities. Dornbirn is this really focused office with great but local people which work as hard as it can gets to get the company further and to progress at there tasks. It is incredible to work in such a focused work environment but the company dynamic and the relationship between the different employees can get left behind. On the other hand, Berlin is this rich place of cultures and ideas. Everyone is interacting with each other. If you wanted you could get a drink with almost everyone in the office. The atmosphere and work environment is perhaps not as focused as in Dornbirn but this fact is reduced by the feeling of membership in this office.

To sum up it was an truly incredible opportunity to work in this kind of environment and a great honour to work with such talented people.